8 Facts That Will Motivate You To Exercise

Good physical and mental health begins with adopting healthy lifestyle habits, including regular physical activity. You already knew that, but you lack a little motivation to get into the sport? We’ve found the facts that will get you moving!

1.     Sport contributes to optimal development at any age

While it goes without saying that regular physical activity is essential for healthy growth and development in children, this is also true for adults.

2.     Sport can help prevent diseases

Physical activity can actually help you prevent certain diseases such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes and certain types of cancer.

3.     Sport makes you stronger

The more you strengthen your body, the more you strengthen it, the more you reduce the risk of injury, for example, during heavy physical exertion or when shoveling snow.

4.     Sport makes you happy

Literally. And for good reason, the brain produces endorphins during physical activity. The one that is also called “the hormone of happiness” provides, among other things, a feeling of self-confidence and a good dose of energy.

5.     Sport is a stress reliever

According to the Canadian Fitness and Lifestyle Research Institute, engaging in moderate-intensity physical activity for 20 to 40 minutes will help lower your stress level for 2 to 4 hours. Even better: the greatest drops in stress and anxiety levels are recorded after 15 weeks of training.

6.     Sport helps to clean the house faster

Believe us! Practicing physical activity will help you accomplish everyday tasks much more easily. And this is not limited to cleaning: think of your grocery bags, which will seem lighter to you, or even the sometimes-heavy snow that must be cleared in winter.

7.     Sport is the ally of healthy weight

Physical activity can help achieve and maintain your healthy weight. In the long term, it also helps to prevent weight gain (or recovery). But beware, physical activity should be accompanied by good eating habits to optimize weight loss.

8.     Sport helps to age better

Indeed, since sport allows you to act positively on different facets of your health, it will help you maintain your independence for longer. In addition, it helps maintain flexibility, balance and coordination while reducing the risk of falling.

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