Badminton – Professional Sport And Picnic Entertainment

Badminton is an Olympic sport. During the game, two people or teams of two players each compete with each other, throwing a shuttlecock to the side of the opponent with a racket. The essence of the game: throw the shuttlecock so that the opponent could not beat it off. The player only scores a point when the shuttle touches the court.

History of badminton

The racket and shuttlecock game is considered one of the oldest in the world. Badminton originated in India, from where sailors brought it to England. The English Duke of Beaufort brought a badminton set to his mansion, since then the game has gained popularity throughout the country, and later in Europe. The first International Federation for this sport was organized in 1934, it included representatives from nine states. Badminton was recognized as an Olympic sport in 1992. Today, this sport is dominated by Asian athletes – representatives of Korea, Indonesia and China, confidently winning 90% of all competitions.

Brief rules of badminton

  1. The draw is the preparatory stage of the game, during which the sides and the right of the first serve are determined.
  2. The shuttlecock is hit from below, the racket should not rise above the level of the serving player’s waist.
  3. The rules of badminton allow the use of deceptive actions that knock down an opponent.
  4. During the game, you can move around the entire occupied side of the court, but touching the net with the racket is prohibited.
  5. The match consists of 3 games, the game is won by the player or team who scored 21 points. If the score is 20-20, then you need to get 2 points.
  6. It is possible to change sides, but only in three cases. This is the completion of the first game, before the third game, or after 11 points in the final game.
  7. The break between games is 2 minutes.

The playing court shall be rectangular in shape and measure 13.4 m long and 5.18 m wide for singles and 6.1 m for doubles. The height of the grid is 1.55 m. A mandatory attribute of the site should be its marking. The service line and the center line dividing the service zone into the right and left sides must be clearly distinguished.

Inventory for the game

  1. Badminton rackets. Previously, they were made from wood. Modern rackets are made of materials such as aluminum, steel, carbon fiber, titanium. The weight of one racket is 70-100 g. It is acceptable to use a special winding on the handle for easy grip.
  2. Shuttlecock for badminton. It can be plastic or natural feather. Plastic models are used mainly by amateurs. Professionals prefer natural feather flounces.

Badminton competition

We can distinguish the following main types of competitions in this sport:

  • Olympic Games.
  • Women’s World Championship – Uber Cup.
  • Men’s World Championship – Thomas Cup.
  • Sudirman Cup. Held every 2 years, mixed teams.
  • The Super Series is a tournament of international importance.
  • Asian Games.

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