Baseball Is A Bat And Ball Game

Baseball is a team sport. The main inventory in it is considered a bat and a ball.

The history of baseball

This sport is unusually developed in the United States, so it is generally accepted that America is the birthplace of baseball. However, this is not true. Sports games such as cricket and rounders, which are the prototypes of baseball, first appeared in Europe at the end of the 17th century. The first baseball game took place in 1846. In 1871, the first baseball league was created. The American League was formed in 1901. In 1957, the Baseball Players Association was created, which included 16 clubs. The World Baseball and Softball Federation has been operating since 2013.

Baseball is now played in over 120 countries. USA, Cuba, China, South Korea, Venezuela and Japan are the countries where this sport is most popular.

Game features

Despite the fact that this sport is a team sport, the outcome of the game depends on the qualities of each of the participants, on their reaction and running speed, strength, endurance, etc. The course of the game can change at any time from a single serve or a bat. For example, in a second, the player must evaluate the trajectory of the ball and make the right decision. The result of the game is the result of the work of each baseball player individually.

Baseball rules

Two teams are playing. The team with the most points or runs wins. A point is counted to the team if the player runs through absolutely all the bases in baseball located on the playing field. The team has 9 players. Each team plays both defense and offense alternately within one inning. Only 9 innings. If the score is tied, one inning is added until a specific team wins.

The pitcher, catcher and batter are the three most important players on every team. The pitcher is the player who throws the ball. He must be in the strike zone. If 3 strikes are counted, then the player defending the zone (batter) leaves the field. The batter must hit the ball, while doing this only in the strike zone (the area from the knees to the chest of the athlete). Otherwise, a strike count. After the ball is hit, the batter must get to the base, and another batter takes his place. The catcher catches the ball thrown by the pitcher. Between the catcher and the pitcher there is a system of conventional signs.

Defensive players must send out the batter. They can do this in several ways:

  • catch a batted ball before it touches the ground;
  • get to first base before the batter with the ball caught;
  • “bump” the ball of the batter while he is making a run through the bases.

Baseball field

The playing field is made in the form of a sector. Inside it there are two play areas. This is the inner square, at the corners of which are the “home” and bases, and the outer area of ​​​​the field. The numbering of the bases starts from the “house” and goes counterclockwise. The introduction of the ball into the game begins with a slide located inside the “house”. The rays of a sector are called foul lines. If the ball goes out of bounds, it is declared out of play. The playing part of the field inside the rays is called “fer”.


The ball is the most important item. It is based on cork wood with rubber. Outside, the ball is sheathed in leather. Also needed:

  • trap gloves;
  • baseball bat;
  • knee pads and bib;
  • helmet with metal mesh (mask).

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