Bowling Is A Sport Game With Balls And Skittles

Bowling is a sport game with balls and skittles. During the game, pins at the end of the lane are knocked down with a special ball. The best result is for the athlete who knocked down the most pins with the least number of balls used.

Bowling is the most popular sport in America, followed by Great Britain, Japan and the Scandinavian countries. Players unite with each other in clubs, clubs – in bowling associations, which take upon themselves the organization of tournaments of various levels and scales.

Bowling Varieties

To date, there are five most famous and popular types of this sport. These include:

  1. Classic bowling (a game in which 10 pins are used).
  2. Canadian sports bowling (a game in which 5 pins are used). It differs from the classic view not only in the number of pins, but also in the number of throws in each of the frames, as well as the game significance of the pins.
  3. Skittles is a popular type of bowling in Europe.
  4. Candlepin (from the English “candle” – a candle) – in this game, the skittles are similar in shape to candles.
  5. Ducklin (from the English “duck” – duck) – skittles, respectively, are made in the form of a duck.

Bowling equipment

The International Bowling Federation sets specific requirements for the specification and standards of equipment for the game.

  • Tracks. They are made from special materials of synthetic origin or from wood that is varnished. All track parameters, such as length, width, slope and a number of other important characteristics are strictly regulated, down to tenths of a millimeter.
  • Skittles. They must be made of wood. Now maple is used most often. The weight of one pin should be in the range of 1531-1645 g, height – 380-382 mm. There are certain requirements for the diameter, top radius, etc.
  • Balls. They are made of polyester (plastic) and different types of polyurethane. The weight of the ball in pounds is indicated directly on its surface.

Bowling rules

Each game has 10 frames. The player has two rolls. If he manages to knock down all the pins the first time, such a throw is called a strike, if all the pins are knocked down in two throws, then this is a spare. Two strikes in a row is a double, three strikes a grater, four strikes a hambone. Points are counted based on the number of pins knocked down. The maximum number of points for one game is 300, for each frame – 30.

Bowling technique

Sports games bowling are distinguished by a special technique. You need to know how to take the ball correctly if it is a ball with three holes. You need to do this with the middle, ring and thumb. Target selection, aiming, throwing also require a special technical approach. The technical part of the game is quite extensive and complex, so everyone who wants to learn how to play bowling professionally should familiarize themselves with it.

Bowling hosts various competitions – regional and world championships, European championships and World Cups.

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