Frisbee: The Basic Subtleties Of The Game

Frisbee, or a flying disc, is associated by many exclusively with outdoor games on the street. Meanwhile, this is not just entertainment, but a full-fledged sport with its own rules, nuances and technical difficulties. This is not just a plate tossing in the park, but a discipline that has several varieties.

How the sport developed

Back in the days of ancient Greece, athletes entertained the public by throwing discs. The form was not chosen by chance. Due to the special aerodynamic characteristics, flat, rounded objects really flew far, which ensured maximum entertainment.

However, this direction did not continue to develop until the 20th century. In the era of space exploration, the whole world was talking about alien invasions, life outside the Earth and flying saucers. Resourceful American Walter Morrison decided to use this image for sports equipment. This is how a disc with curved edges appeared, which is traditionally made of plastic. Wham-O started mass production in 1957. Already in 1964, the Frisbee gained enormous popularity.

The name of the subject was not chosen by chance. The Frisbee Pie Company is a popular pie maker in the states. Among American youth, an unusual craze was common – tossing pallets, which were engraved with “Frisbee”. The Wham-O company borrowed an already known word, but slightly changed the spelling. So, flying discs all over the world began to be called Frisbee.

Frisbee today is a sport that has many admirers. In 2015, the World Frisbee Federation received IOC approval. The discipline was recognized as an Olympic sport, but it has not yet been included in the program.

What do you need to play?

Frisbee is an affordable and therefore popular sport. All you need is a hard drive. There are no strict requirements in the form of athletes. It is enough that each team has its own individual equipment.

Players should take care of comfortable shoes that will provide stability during sharp turns, especially if the meeting takes place in the open air. Before starting the game, you should remove your accessories so as not to accidentally injure yourself and your opponent.

Frisbee is a relatively safe sport, but no one can guarantee the absence of injuries. In order not to worry about the cost of treatment, but to enjoy the game, we recommend that you take out sports insurance. It will be useful for both children and adults.

Rules of the game

Frisbee is a team game. Her goal is to collect as many points as possible. The most common variation of this discipline is Ultimate. Players are united in teams of 5-7 people. The exact amount depends on the location. Points can be earned if you stop the disk in the opponent’s zone with your hands. You cannot move with him, but you can pass to another player. You only have 10 seconds to make a decision.

Technical nuances

Despite the seeming simplicity, the game has its own difficulties. For example, not every throw will be successful. Athletes usually use one of two throwing options:

  • forehand – throw with the whole arm (it is extended);
  • backhand – throw only with a brush (the wrist is initially bent, but straightens at the moment of throwing the discus).

The capture of the disc before the throw is also important. Fingertips should rest against the inside of the edge. The thumb is pointing up. This is the basic position, but its variations are possible:

  • Normal capture. The index finger moves to the edge. The method is good for throws at medium distances.
  • Split fingers. Fingers spread slightly to capture more surface. This grip is suitable for accurate passes to other players.
  • Force capture. The palm is clenched into a fist. The method is ideal for powerful throws over long distances.

Beginners often make the same mistake – they do not follow the position of the body. Many turn to face the one they want to pass, but you can’t do this. In order for the disk to fly along the correct trajectory, you need to stand with your right side to the player waiting for the transfer. It is better to keep the plate at waist level. You can bend your knees a little. It is also important to ensure that breathing remains even.

Other varieties

Ultimate is the most famous, but not the only type of frisbee. There are species with more complex rules.

  • City Ultimate. This is a city game. Here, each team has a goalkeeper. The function of the gate is performed by a hill. The goalkeeper who catches the disc adds a point to his team. It is impossible to move with a frisbee in your hands, as in the classic ultimate, but opponents can knock the plate out of their hands.
  • Guts. Complicated discipline with increased distance between players. They diverge for 14 meters or more and try to perform a throw so that the opponent cannot stop the flying disc. By the way, you can catch a plate with one hand. Points are awarded to the team of the player whose throw could not be accepted.
  • Flamber Guts. There are only two people on each team. They stand opposite rivals at a distance of 1-2 meters. The task of the thrower is to spin the disc so that it is unrealistic to catch it. It is impossible to press the disc to the body, but you can catch it with one hand. For the correct stop of the frisbee, the team receives a point.
  • Double disk. The meeting takes place on a court consisting of two squares. Each participant defends his zone. Two flying disks are used simultaneously. They must not be allowed to land or have both projectiles on the same team. One point is awarded for hitting the opponent’s zone. And if one player catches two frisbees at once, he will receive two points for this.
  • Freestyle. Not a team game, but an individual performance of an athlete who demonstrates frisbee tricks. He can spin the disk on his fingers, roll it over his arms and back, throw it up and catch it.
  • Disc golf. Plates here act as balls. Instead of holes, baskets with a grid are installed. The player must go through the entire court along a given route, making the minimum number of throws.

Separately, you can highlight the dog frisbee. This is an activity familiar to every dog ​​owner. Pets are happy to catch discs and wait for new throws. Positive emotions from such a pastime are guaranteed.

What qualities does the game develop

Initially, American students tossed the disc out of boredom. Gradually, this activity gained more and more fans. Today, 90% of Americans have played frisbee at least once in their lives. In other countries, the discipline is not so common, but still loved.

This is not only entertainment for the whole family, but also a useful sport. Frisbee perfectly develops concentration and thinking speed, because decisions need to be made with lightning speed. Discipline helps to keep fit, trains the respiratory system and strengthens the heart.

Here you can show leadership qualities and learn how to work in a team. It is noteworthy that there are no referees in Frisbee. Even during the competition, only the personnel who monitor the score are present. Teams resolve all conflict situations on their own, and this is a great chance to work on endurance, stress resistance, and the ability to defend one’s position with reason.

Frisbee is a sport that attracts with its relaxation and accessibility. To try, it is not necessary to become a professional player and join a team. You can just gather friends, go to the nearest park and get your portion of good mood.

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