How To Waste Time In The Gym: 20 Anti-Advice

A gentle training regimen is useless, and intense exercise is dangerous to health. These are two extremes, but there are dozens more ways to waste time in the gym.

We see a purpose, but we do not see obstacles. With such motivation, beginners come to the gym to train, pounce on the shells, increase the working weight and drive themselves. What’s next? We have collected 20 popular anti-advice: you need to read them, remember them and do the opposite. If, of course, you want to have a healthy and beautiful body.

1.     Don’t warm up

The coach insists on a warm-up. He explains this by the fact that heated muscles and joints are more elastic and less likely to be injured. Who needs this physical education or a 20-minute monotonous run on the orbit track? You can immediately breast on the embrasure in the form of a bar. Just take care of the insurance in advance: all of a sudden, after a workout, you will have to go to the emergency room with a sprain, dislocation or fracture.

2.     Not sure but do it

Not sure about the correct bench press, inclinations, pull-ups and want to stop? Don’t stop – do what you can. You can turn to the duty coach or experienced athletes, but why? After all, a set of exercises was advised to you by experts from Youtube.

3.     Take your phone to the gym

A selfie on a treadmill or in a Smith machine is also a muscle training and coordination of movements. Try to run while looking at yourself in your smartphone, smile and at the same time stay on the treadmill. It’s easier, of course, to stop, choose a good pose and angle for a selfie without haste. Let the rest wait.

4.     Train without a plan

A set of exercises for training is needed to break it. For experienced athletes, the sequence of working out certain muscle groups, the number of repetitions are important. And beginners don’t particularly bother about this – they come to the gym, look around and go to the simulator they like. No consistency, no progress.

5.     Show who’s cooler

A workout at the gym turns into a show-off as beefy guys and fitness ladies show off their athletic charms in front of each other. Who will take more weight, he is cooler? Whoever squeezes the most reps is a veteran. Beginners look at experienced ones and repeat after them. Those present for a while forget about technology and safety.

6.     Go to the gym like a nightclub

They came to the gym to work out, but temptations get in the way. Everywhere you look, there are athletic girls in leggings and tops and guys in perfect physical shape. As a result, time wasted, but there was no result, and no.

7.     Talk business

Women buy gym memberships to hang out with friends without a husband or kids. They talk about cosmetics, work, clothes, domestic quarrels, but not about fitness. An hour later, it turns out that the training ended before it even started. Even worse, when friends are talking, occupying exercise machines and forcing other visitors to wait.

8.     Relax

Training is not a wolf – it will not run away while you are resting on the bench. Such “holidays” in any large gym will be typed five people, or even more. They look into the void or into the TV screens hung around the hall. Rest between sets lasts ten, fifteen minutes. In total, it turns out that for 15 minutes of training there are 45-50 minutes of rest.

9.     Breathe deeply

That’s what physical education teachers at school said – that’s what some inexperienced coaches advise clients to do. The expression “breathe deeply” means liberation from internal problems. In sports, it only hurts, because deep breathing leads to hyperventilation of the lungs and causes dizziness.

10. Train through the pain

Came to the gym – grit your teeth, be patient and do it. For beginners, out of habit, hands and knees tremble from intense strength training and running loads. They do not leave the race, fearing to appear weaklings. A couple more of these workouts, and you will either overstrain or forget about the gym once and for all.

11. Don’t be afraid of the weight

“Take a lot of weight right away – this is the best muscle workout,” is the most harmful advice for women that can be heard in the gym. With a serious power load, adrenaline and cortisol are released in the body. Both are powerful stress hormones. The body does not understand what is happening, and reacts harshly, up to amenorrhea and infertility.

12. Get treated for a cold in the gym

One said, the other listened and came with a runny nose and a temperature of 37 degrees and above to work out. Sports strengthen the immune system and protect against diseases, but do not cure them. On the contrary, an athlete with a cold in training aggravates his condition – the body spends energy on physical activity, and not on fighting the disease.

13. Don’t Do Dynamic Stretches

Enough and static – so the coach said. And international studies question the effectiveness of static stretching. According to their results, dynamic stretching provides muscle fibers with more energy and better prepares them for the upcoming load.

14. Don’t bring a towel to the gym

A towel is an extra accessory, especially during circuit training in the gym. Let not only the athlete’s clothes, but also the benches get wet with sweat.

15. Exercise for others

Girls do that. They think about how they look from the outside, try to take a favorable position instead of concentrating on the technique of performing exercises. Fitness is for yourself, not for others.

16. Train to the point of impotence

The last exercise is done, you feel a surge of strength and energy, but are dissatisfied with this state. You need to extend the workout, increase the weight so that the body burns with pain and the legs cannot take a step. Remember, the gym should be a pleasure, not a punishment. Then there will be a result.

17. Drink Supplements in Cans

The trainer insists that supplements increase stamina and help recover from intense training. And also, magical dietary supplements accelerate metabolism, burn fat – you can’t do without them. You believe, buy dozens of cans and take regularly. You can wait decades for the result and not wait – not all supplements are as effective as they are advertised.

18. Treat yourself to something sweet

We worked hard in the hall – you can treat yourself to a piece of cake. Your next workout will burn that extra 1,000 calories. The instructor does not need to know about sweet weaknesses. This approach is self-deception. One cake crosses out all previous achievements.

19. Slowly but surely

If at every second you catch your breath, the blood rushes to your face and your pulse quickens, take pity on yourself and practice at a third of your strength. Are your arms tense and uncomfortable? Take a break. What difference does it make that the number of calories burned and the external result directly depend on the inclusion of all muscles in the work.

20. Forget about resting between sets.

The alternation of load and rest was invented for the weak. Do 4-6 sets without a break to lose one size in a week, and two sizes in a week. Do not be surprised if the weight freezes or goes up. The body will go into energy-saving mode and stop burning fat. A break of 30-60 seconds between sets was invented to give a short rest to the muscles and increase the effectiveness of training.

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