Squash. Rules and features

Squash is a racket and ball sport played indoors. The name of the game (from the English word squash) is associated with the use of a hollow ball in this sport, the diameter of which is 40 mm. The progenitor of this sport is considered rackets. This is the same type of game, with a racket and a ball, but the ball in this case is quite hard. The game is single (2 players) or doubles (4 people) is played on a special field (court).

History of squash

The sport of ball and racket first appeared in Great Britain in 1807. It was invented by the prisoners of one of the prisons. Then it was a kind of tennis without a net, and the ball was beaten off the wall. Then rackets appeared, it became popular throughout the country. Such a game was in demand among children, they wanted to play it in every yard. This did not require a special court; a small area was enough.

The status of a sports game was given by the Americans. They even created an association in 1904, but in the country of origin of this sport, England, the first such organization arose a quarter of a century later. The International Association was founded in 1967.

How to play squash?

Everything is pretty simple. The player sends the ball to the wall with a racket, clearly in the designated place. A squash ball bouncing off the wall must be caught with a racket before it is intercepted by an opponent and sent to the other side of the court. If the ball is intercepted by the opponent, or the blow is incorrectly made, the point is counted to the opponent.

Squash court

The squash court has clearly marked parameters. It is 6.40×9.75 m. The height of the site is 5.63 m. One of the walls has a special marking that divides the zone into sectors. These are acoustic panel, feed line, bottom line and out. There is also an out zone on the sides of the court and on the back side, hitting the ball into it is accompanied by a specific sound. There are also markings on the floor of the playground. These are the service squares, middle and front lines. As a rule, the court itself is covered with parquet, and the walls are made of impact-resistant glass. They are difficult to break, but the glass makes it possible to watch the tournament outside the court. The squash court is equipped with artificial lighting.

Rules of the game

  1. First, a five-minute warm-up for the ball is carried out. It is beaten repeatedly to give rigidity.
  2. Then it is determined who will be the first server by drawing lots.
  3. The opponents take turns hitting the ball.
  4. The ball must be directed to the wall outside the out zone, but below the acoustic panel.
  5. Points are awarded for each correct hit.
  6. As a rule, they play up to 2 wins, and professionals – up to 5.
  7. To resolve all current issues there is a referee commission.

Inventory for the game

  • Rackets. They differ in the material of manufacture and shape. The mesh should have optimal string tension and thickness. The squash racket must be well balanced.
  • Ball. It has a weight of 24 g and a diameter of 40 mm. Balls differ in rebound speed, depending on this parameter they are marked with dots of a certain color.
  • Sneakers. The game involves constant dynamics, so shoes should be light and comfortable, with good shock-absorbing properties and a heel counter that fixes the foot.
  • Cloth. The main requirement is convenience. The dress code is similar to tennis. This is a T-shirt and shorts.
  • Glasses. They are worn to protect the eyes while playing.

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