Top 10 Questions About Sports And Fitness

Fitness and its improvement are the goal of many people, not only for its health benefits, but for its tangible effect on body shape. It is associated with fitness for most of us.

And this is true, because a normal weight and a body with a normal fat content is one of the components of physical fitness. And you know that physical fitness has other elements, some of which are related to the heart and arteries, some of which are related to muscle strength, and some that improve joint flexibility.

Many are unable to set their feet on the right path and take the right first step, so questions abound. This leads us to the first question!

How do I develop physical fitness while I have not exercised before?

If you have not exercised before, I recommend that you take an evaluation test that includes many questions that indicate whether you suffer from diseases that may affect you when you exercise. And if you have any of these diseases, I advise you to visit a doctor.

Next, remember the many benefits of exercise, such as preventing chronic diseases, improving mental and mental health, and maintaining weight. You can set your own goal, for example: fitness, health, weight loss.

Start small: do as little as 10 minutes of exercise. You can do safe sports such as walking. You can gradually increase the time, as you feel the ease of exercise, until you reach a minimum level of exercise per week, which is 150 minutes of moderate physical activity per week.

Finally: Have a weekly exercise schedule that contains the following elements:

  • Frequency: How many times a week would you like to do your exercise?
  • Intensity: Is your exercise intense, moderate, or light?
  • Type: is it aerobic or anaerobic?
  • Time: How long is your workout?

Using these four main elements, you can design your weekly program that you want, and you can adjust it from time to time.

Is practicing weight lifting harmful for girls?

Weightlifting exercises are resistance exercises whose goal is to increase muscle strength and muscle mass as well. Increasing muscle strength is important in maintaining body contour and reducing muscle injuries and has an undeniable effect on improving body shape.

Some girls may fear excessive muscle mass, as many males do and prefer. But we would like to point out that the excessive increase in muscle mass in males does not occur when lifting very heavy weights with an increase in calories and protein intake. In addition, the male hormone – testosterone – plays an important role in increasing muscle mass.

In fact, if females use light weights at high frequency (more than 15 repetitions), they will not increase muscle mass significantly.

What kind of sport that removes belly fat (rumen) and what is the best sport to get a slim body?

There is no specific exercise or even a mixture or drink to remove belly fat or belly fat. Fat accumulates in these areas for genetic reasons. To burn fat from the body as a whole, you need two things:

  • Reducing daily caloric intake by the equivalent of 500 calories while maintaining a balanced diet.
  • Do aerobic exercises for 30 minutes continuously a day.

If you adhere to this, the fat will be burned from the body as a whole, and you will notice a clear difference in the areas where fat accumulation is concentrated.

How can body fat be burned without losing muscle mass?

The answer to this question is identical to the previous one, as the process of reducing calories is not sharp (only 500 calories per day) while maintaining a balanced diet that contains the main food groups: proteins, carbohydrates and fats while not neglecting the sport to avoid losing muscle mass and helps in burning fat.

There is no doubt that doing resistance exercises such as lifting weights helps preserve muscle mass.

How do I organize exercise and make it a habit or routine in my life?

There are several helpful tips:

  • Train with a friend or join a group. This encourages you to do exercises whenever you feel lazy.
  • Make sport fun.
  • Design the program that suits you by choosing the time and type of exercises that suit you.
  • Mix different types of exercises whenever you feel bored, so you can mix resistance exercises, aerobic exercises, flexibility exercises and so on.
  • Make sport a part of your regular day: Take any opportunity to do any physical exertion, such as using the stairs instead of the elevator, or doing stretching exercises every hour if you sit for long hours at your desk, or walking when you go to the mosque instead of using the car or even playing with your children.

What is the best time of the day for exercise?

In general, there is no set time for exercises. This varies according to your circumstances, your priorities, and your personal preferences. The external environment may play a role in your timing. For example, on short winter days, the chances of any sporting effort are reduced after work is done. And those who work late may prefer to do exercises in the morning. The important thing is that you do your share of exercise every day.

Exercising at night may affect sleep, so it is not recommended to do it late.

What is cardio sport?

Cardio exercises are aerobic exercises and one of its most important properties is that it uses the major muscles of the body, such as running. It needs oxygen to produce energy. And its nature is continuous and continuous, as the person performs it for as long as possible without feeling exhausted,

Its sign is an elevated heartbeat in a higher resting position. And it has the most health benefits such as preventing heart disease and diabetes. The origin of the name is cardiovascular exercise, or cardio for short. As for aerobic exercise, it is a translation of Aerobics exercise, and they all signify the same point.

How can exercise from home?

During the home quarantine period, you can do many exercises that do not require complicated tools or even a spacious place, and here are some examples:

  • Do running exercises in the same place, and this is an aerobic exercise.
  • Do resistance exercises using body weight such as push-ups or using light weights such as water bottles (read more).
  • You can do flexibility exercises such as stretching or yoga.

Then set a time to exercise and do these exercises daily in the same context (for example, half an hour before breakfast).

What results can I get when I exercise without diet?

If you intend to maintain weight, food has a more important role in maintaining weight while not underestimating the importance of exercise because food is the most important component of the caloric equation.

If the results mean to improve performance and physical fitness, food has an important role in replacing the body with the materials and nutrients that it lost during exercise.

There is no doubt that exercise and proper nutrition complement each other.

Does sport have any disadvantages? What is the cause of pain after exercise and how can it be avoided?

We all know that sport has many benefits, but what about its disadvantages? Certainly, the benefits of exercise are much more than the disadvantages, especially if we do it in the right way. The disadvantages of sport lie in the occurrence of injuries during exercise for several reasons, including: heavy pregnancy during exercise, poor physical fitness and failure to take into account the gradient in intensity, lack of warm-up and sudden movements during exercise or collision during exercise and not wearing appropriate sports clothing.

And there may be undiagnosed diseases that the owner overlooks, so their symptoms appear during exercise, such as diabetes, where blood sugar decreases and the chances of dizziness and loss of consciousness increase. Therefore, precautions must be taken for everyone who has such diseases.

Among the most common problems is muscle tension due to fatigue and muscle contraction, and it can be reduced by taking into account physical fitness and the appropriate gradation in intensity and giving the muscle an opportunity to recover after exercise.

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