TOP 5 Most Risky Sports

Thirst for victory, excitement, fierce faith in one’s own strengths or the support of teammates, the ability to think ahead and choose one’s tactics depending on the specific situation – all this is typical for any sport. But what if that’s not enough? What about those who are ready to take risks every second and do not understand life without outdoor activities? Adrenaline will boil in your blood if you choose extreme sports instead of athletics, swimming or football.


Do you dream of conquering the water element, but like to work in a team? Then rafting is for you. This discipline involves overcoming obstacles on mountain rivers. Athletes move on inflatable boats for 2.4 or 6 people. Each member of the team performs its own tasks, but overall coherence is indispensable. The team leader is responsible for the cohesion and distribution of roles.

Rafting requires professional equipment. The higher its quality, the lower the risk of injury and breakdowns. For classes you need to purchase:

  • neoprene wetsuit;
  • thermal underwear;
  • water shoes;
  • life vest;
  • protective helmet.

Sunglasses with a holding strap and SPF protection cream that will protect from the scorching sun will not be superfluous. Experienced athletes take hermetically sealed bags with them. They can store dry clothes, photographic equipment, and other personal items.

Rafting is an exciting but risky sport, especially when it comes to routes of increased difficulty (third category and above). The main difficulties on the way of athletes are high rapids, waterfalls. The danger is fraught with pitfalls, which are often found in the beds of mountain rivers. There is always a risk of hypothermia. In addition, the routes are laid far from settlements. Contacting the outside world and asking for help can be problematic.

In order not to be distracted while rafting on the river, to fully enjoy the extreme descent, it is better to take care of sports insurance in advance. The policy will fully or partially cover the costs of treatment. This is an important advantage, because injuries in rafting, especially among beginner athletes, are not uncommon.

After completing the documents, you can safely go to one of the routes. Turkey and Croatia are ideal for beginners. The most extreme options are the rivers of Costa Rica, Canada, Chile.


Another discipline for lovers of water. Diving is scuba diving. The athlete dives to a certain depth. The equipment provides a supply of air for free breathing. Experienced divers claim that this sport is instantly addictive. This sport allows you to explore a world that is usually hidden from the eyes of people. Some dive to admire the coral reefs and their inhabitants, others explore the flooded caves and wrecks of sunken ships.

Diving requires physical endurance and excellent health. Do not dive without preparation. It is better to study in a special school. You can also rent equipment there. If the determination and desire to explore the underwater world is getting stronger every day, then it’s time to buy your own equipment.

To dive you will need:

  • scuba diving equipment – an air cylinder and a regulator;
  • mask;
  • a tube;
  • flippers;
  • diving shoes;
  • wetsuit.

Diving sites are scattered all over the world. The coasts of Egypt and Israel are traditionally popular. Exotic lovers can go to the Maldives or Australia. Popular dives in Cuba, Cyprus, Hawaii.


Extreme lovers do not have to go into the wild or fly to another continent. Risky sports are also popular in the urban environment. The proof of this is parkour. This is a relatively new discipline that is perceived more as a lifestyle than a sport. It involves overcoming obstacles on the streets of the city – parapets, railings, curbs and even roofs.

Experienced parkour riders (tracers) demonstrate spectacular jumps and flips. They masterfully control their body, are perfectly oriented in space and do not succumb to difficulties. The secret of their success is excellent physical preparation. Parkour is closely intertwined with athletics and acrobatics. Even an experienced tracer runs the risk of injury. The percentage of unsuccessful landings among beginners is much higher, so abrasions and bruises are their constant companions.

Specialized equipment for classes is not needed, but you should take care of comfortable clothes and shoes. Tracer will need:

  • sneakers with a durable rubberized sole (with a high level of skill, you can wear sneakers);
  • loose-fitting sports trousers;
  • T-shirt, sweatshirt or hoodie – depending on the season;
  • gloves;
  • wristbands.

Useful tracer and backpack. There you can store water and spare clothes. You must have a first aid kit with you for bruises and abrasions.

Today you can meet communities of tracers in almost any major city. Beginners who want to master this discipline should not immediately take to the streets. The initial stage of training should take place on the training ground under the guidance of an instructor.


This is one of the most extreme sports, especially when it comes to individual climbs. In this case, the athlete relies only on his strength and skills. Mountaineering is possible only with excellent physical fitness and a strong respiratory system. Mountain routes do not forgive mistakes. It is impossible to exclude injuries – dislocations, fractures. There is always the risk of avalanches, so it is important to remember the safety rules.

For mountaineering, you will need specialized equipment:

  • Rope for lifting and insurance;
  • Helmet;
  • Glasses;
  • Cats;
  • ice axes;
  • trekking sticks;
  • insurance system;
  • carbines.

The clothes of the climber should be warm, but light, and the shoes should be comfortable, non-slip, durable. On long multi-day routes, you cannot do without a tent and a gas burner. In an emergency, it is better to have a beeper with you – a tool that allows you to transmit a signal for help. An alternative would be a rocket launcher.

Base jumping

This discipline unconditionally leads the list of the riskiest sports. Base jumping – jumping from objects with a special parachute. This entertainment is not for the faint of heart. The athlete rises to a height of 40 to 1000 meters. At the same time, the shorter the distance to the ground, the more dangerous the jump, because only a few seconds remain to open the parachute.

Base jumping is extremely dangerous. Beginners without prior training are not allowed. The minimum required to master the discipline is 150 jumps from an airplane. It is important to be aware of all the risks and consequences of an unsuccessful landing. It is better to take out sports insurance in advance, especially if you plan to jump abroad. From the equipment you will need a parachute for jumping from fixed objects, a suspension system, special clothing and shoes that absorb shocks.

Extreme sports require maximum concentration of attention, good physical and psychological preparation. These are disciplines for confident people with a strong character. All of them are associated with risk, but in return they give incredible pride in their deeds.

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