What Is The Best Age To Start Playing Tennis?

Tennis is a sport that is equally suitable for both boys and girls. It will suit active, smart, attentive and purposeful guys.

Its advantages include:

  1. Benefits for vision by focusing the gaze on a moving object.
  2. A surge of energy in the right and useful direction.
  3. No restrictions on gender, weight, height, etc.
  4. Formation of character and constant control over emotions. The ability to get out of any situation with dignity and perceive the loss as an experience, as well as to think and analyze.
  5. Increased muscle flexibility, reaction speed, improved blood circulation.

You should also be aware that there are a number of contraindications for practicing this sport. These include various diseases associated with vision, such as myopia, problems with the retina. Training is contraindicated for hypertension and scoliosis.

At what age can you play tennis?

Table tennis at what age or when is it better to send a child to tennis? Similar questions concern many parents who want their son or daughter to go in for this sport. The value of age in tennis is sometimes exaggerated, and there is no clear answer here. Someone thinks that it is better to send a child to the section from the age of 3, someone from 10. However, experts in this industry are sure that the age of 5-7 years is exactly the time when it is better to start amateur training. It is at this age that the child most well develops the skills that help him in the future to occupy high ratings. You ask, at what age do they play tennis at a professional level? It is better to start such training not earlier than at 11 or 12 years old.

Equipment for tennis

  • Racket. Of course, the cost of rackets varies greatly depending on the material, manufacturer and other factors. To begin with, the child, of course, should not buy too expensive a model. This may be the most inexpensive racket. As the child grows as a player, if it is tennis, you will need a more professional model with a special string tension, a special handle, etc. You will have to pay a lot of money for it.
  • Clothing and footwear. Here, too, everything is simple. You will need a sports suit or a set with shorts and a T-shirt for the warm season, as well as shoes with comfortable rubber soles that allow you to quickly move around the site. Most often these are sneakers or sneakers. Clothing and shoes should be as comfortable as possible, breathable, wear-resistant, waterproof, sewn mostly from natural fabrics, which avoids allergies.

And, of course, we should not forget that if a child wants to play tennis at a professional level, he needs individual lessons with a coach. In addition, there will definitely be trips to various training camps, competitions, etc., which also requires the financial costs of parents.

In any case, if a child has the ability and a great desire to succeed in tennis, the costs will pay off a hundredfold with victories, awards and pride in their child.

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