Winter Team Sports

Winter team sports are most common in countries where winters are harsh with lots of snow, ice and sub-zero temperatures. Particularly common are types of physical activity using sleds, skis, skates, etc. However, thanks to such material as artificial ice, countries that cannot boast of snowy and frosty winters have also been able to spread such sports on their territories.

Interesting team sports

In addition to the usual winter sports, such as hockey, skiing, sleighing and skating, there are also unusual entertainments. Let’s consider some of them. Perhaps from this article you will first learn about their existence.

  • Icestock game. It is also called Bavarian curling. Initially, the icestock began to develop in such countries with a harsh winter climate as Austria, Switzerland, Germany. Now it is played wherever there are ice rinks, both natural and artificial. The essence of this game is that the players alternately launch a device called a rod across the ice rink. This is a stick about 30 cm long, to which a metal circle is attached, which slides very well on the ice. The purpose of the rod throw is to stop it as close to the target as possible or fly farther, depending on the type of game. Points are awarded for each throw, the team with the most points wins.
  • Curling game. Just like in the previous game, the essence of curling is to launch special projectiles on the ice rink – stones towards the target, which in this sport is called the “house”. Two teams play, each with four players. The winner is also determined by the number of points earned. Originating in Scotland in the early 16th century, today curling is quite a popular winter sport. It is included in the program of the Winter Olympic Games, in addition, world and European championships are regularly held on it.
  • Snow rugby. The sport is popular in Argentina, Canada and northern America. An interesting and fun team game, the essence of which is that the players try to pass an oval-shaped ball to each other. You can do this both with your hands and with your feet, but at the same time, passing the ball with your hands is possible only to the player who is behind. The goal of snow rugby is to get the ball into the in-goal. For each successful attempt, the team is awarded one point.
  • Broomball. This game is also played on the ice rink with gates. It is played by two teams. Each of them has a goalkeeper and five field players. This sport resembles ice hockey, however, instead of a puck, a ball is used in this game, instead of a stick, a stick with a plastic tip, and instead of skates, players wear shoes with rubber soles. For protection, the same equipment is used as in hockey. Dropping the ball is done in the same way as dropping the puck in hockey. The sport is popular all over the world, but most of all in Canada and North America. The World Broomball Championship is held every two years.

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